Food Safety Specialists

Food safety guidelines and practices are increasingly under government and consumer scrutiny. Recent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, coupled by complex supply chains of processed foods, create greater operational concerns for the food industry. SES (Southeastern Systems, Inc.) Food Safety Specialists provide custom engineered systems that chlorinate wash water at multiple points in the food process to kill harmful bacteria.

Since the risk of food pathogens are not limited to red meat and poultry, SES has developed a highly successful and automated chlorination system that can be implemented during the processing of other potential pathogen-carrying foods such as fresh cut produce and nuts.

Taking a proactive approach to food safety means less worry for you–now and in the future.

Since 1990, SES has been designing water chlorination systems using Accu-Tab® system technology from Axiall Corporation. The strength of the system is the state-of-the-art chemical automation that precisely controls chlorine levels for safe and effective water treatment.

Accu-Tab and the Accu-Tab system design are registered trademarks of Axiall Corporation.