Pathogen Reduction through Safe & Consistent Water Chlorination

Since 1990, SES has been designing industrial water chlorination systems using Accu-Tab® system technology from Axiall Corporation. The strength of the system is the state-of-the-art chemical automation that precisely controls chlorine levels for safe and effective water treatment. Utilizing Accu-Tab chlorinators and calcium hypochlorite tablets, SES water chlorination systems maintain a level of chlorine that kills bacteria, yet is safe for use on food.

SES chlorination systems minimize the risk of spills and leaks associated with using bleach or chlorine gas. In addition, the self-buffering calcium is less corrosive on equipment. Custom-engineered systems have few moving parts to break or clog, resulting in low maintenance costs and minimal process safety management.

Accu-Tab and the Accu-Tab system design are registered trademarks of Axiall Corporation.