Calibration of the SES Chlorine Analyzer (CL2 Probe)

*Recommendation: Calibrate CL2 probe after the system has started up and has settled out to consistent readings.

  1. Read the PPM showing on the Analyzer and remember the reading (write it down).
  2. Immediately, obtain a clean sample from the clear hose inside the solution tank.
  3. Test the water sample with the hand test kit and compare results with the initial reading of PPM on the Analyzer.
  4. If there is a difference, adjust the Analyzer to match your hand test sample.

    To Adjust the Analyzer Up or Down:
    1. Press "Mode" key until you see "CONFIGURATION". This will be your starting point.
    2. Press "Mode" key 3 times (The screen will change to X.X PPM CL2).
    3. Press "Cal" key (Zero 0.0 na).
    4. Press "Enter" key (Sens. XXX %). If the sensitivity is less than 25%, the Probe should be recharged.
    5. Press "Cal" key Immediate Cal (wait, and the screen will change, moving the PPM reading to the right side of the Analyzer screen).
    6. Use the Up or Down arrow keys to adjust the Analyzer screen reading to match your hand tested sample water reading. Once you have made the desired changes, press "Enter." Your screen should display "UPDATE" and return to operational status.

Calibration of the Q45H Chlorine Monitor

  1. Push "MENU" (Cal Menu).
  2. Push "ENTER" (Cal CL2).
  3. Push "ENTER" (SEL Cal MODE).
  4. Push "ENTER" ("Wait" will flash).
  5. Push "ENTER" (Adjust Valve).
  6. Push the Up and Over keys to match the Hand Test.
  7. Push "ENTER" ("PASS" will appear, if validated).
  8. If "NO PASS" appears, try adjusting the difference in smaller increments.