Charging the Chlorine Sensor (Probe)

  1. Remove the probe from the Flow Cell.
  2. Unscrew the top metal head.
  3. Remove used membrane (white plastic-like filter).
  4. Unscrew the electrolyte chamber from sensing element body.
  5. Drain the electrolyte fluid.
  6. Place the new membrane on the tip of the probe and discard the blue paper protector.
  7. Screw the metal tip back onto the probe making sure not to wrinkle the new membrane.
  8. Remove the Grey fill screw from the middle of the sensing element body. Drain any remaining electrolyte fluid.
  9. Fill the electrolyte chamber with new electrolyte fluid until the level reaches the bottom of the internal threads.
  10. Screw the electrolyte chamber back onto the sensing element body.
  11. Place the newly assembled probe in distilled water with the membrane down first. Make sure wires are connected from the probe to the operating chlorine monitor.
  12. The probe should remain in distilled water with wires connected to the powered-up chlorine monitor for 4-to-6 hours.
  13. Remove the probe from the distilled water. Gently insert the probe into the Flow Cell.
  14. Recalibrate the Chlorine Analyzer.