Chlorinator Clean Out Instructions

  1. Remove tablets. Put whole tablets in a bucket to be used later. Discard partial tablets.
  2. Remove 4-inch PVC neck from the mixing tank and disconnect the union from the Flow Meter.
  3. Turn the Chlorinator on its side.
  4. With a high-pressure hose, wash out the Chlorinator thoroughly with cold-to-ambient temperature water only.
  5. Remove the sieve plate by turning and pulling up. Clean out any sludge and debris found. If material does not dislodge easily: Contact SES customer service department or call +01.770.922.5828.
  6. With the sieve plate removed, rewash the Chlorinator thoroughly again with cold-to-ambient temperature water.
  7. Reinstall the sieve plate, making sure it slides onto the underside indentions. The sieve plate should fit securely with NO left-to-right movement. Check to see that it is evenly distributed in the Chlorinator.
  8. Reconnect the union to the Flow Meter and reinstall the 4-inch connecting pipe to the mixing tank.
  9. Fill Chlorinator 2/3 full of tablets.
  10. The Chlorinator is now ready for operation.